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nail salon hong kong美容沙龍

Today, in the face of the Financial Investment Delegation of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Lei Jie, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, put forward the idea of ​​Jinan Financial Business Center nail salon hong kong, which is to take advantage of the transformation and upgrading of Weijiazhuang and Pulimen. Second Road, Shunhe Street, Jingsi Road, Jingqi Road, Jingshi Road and its surrounding financial resources and historical and cultural resources, forming a service to Shandong, radiating the south wing of the Bohai Sea region and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, with international competitiveness The regional financial center, after the completion of the financial business center area will become a demonstration area to support the development of manufacturing and high-tech nail salon hong kong.


This morning, after visiting the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Grand View Park branch, Lin Xiaoda, director of the Taiwan China Financial Business Research and Development Association, said that there will be more Taiwanese companies investing in this future nail salon hong kong. It is understood that there are 7 Taiwan-funded enterprises in the Central District, with a total registered capital of more than 80 million yuan and an annual profit and tax of more than 10 million yuan nail salon hong kong.

According to reports, how to effectively use Luogang land has always been a question of the government. The “Hefei Urban Space Development Strategy and the Eco-protection and Tourism Development Plan of the Chaohu Lake Region” adopted in May last year pointed out that the planning trend after the Luogang area has two main directions: one is the South Second Ring Road to the south and the coast. The Hefei CBD Central Business District in the frontier of the Hubei Ministry; the second is the high-end central activity area in Hefei. However, no matter which direction, Luogang area will get rid of the limitations of history and reality, it will better connect the new old city and develop into another emerging area in Hefei, which has already become a consensus. In recent years nail salon hong kong, China and Cambodia have become important partners in promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”. The two sides have become increasingly hot in the fields of economic and trade investment, cultural exchanges and energy resources. As an important transportation hub in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia occupies an important position in the major channels of economic and trade and cultural exchanges between the East and the West nail salon hong kong. Xi’an officially revealed that Xi’an actively integrated into the “Belt and Road” construction, based on advantages and expanded opening. At present, there are more than 20 countries that have established consulates and visa centers in Xi’an, and the number of international friendship cities has increased to 29.


According to statistics, in the past five years, the bilateral trade volume between Shaanxi and the Kingdom of Cambodia reached US$129 million. Shaanxi enterprises actively participated in the construction of infrastructure such as water conservancy, electric power and transportation in the Kingdom of Cambodia. With the opening of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Xi’an and the operation of the Xi’an Business Center of the Kingdom of Cambodia, it provides more convenient conditions for exchanges and cooperation between the two places.


On the afternoon of the same day, Shaanxi Provincial Governor Hu Heping met with Prime Minister Hun Sen and his party. Subsequently, the two sides jointly unveiled the Xi’an Business Center of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


It is understood that the Xi’an Business Center of the Kingdom of Cambodia, established by the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia, was approved by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Hun Sen. The Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia will provide technical support and assistance to the business centre, including the provision of samples, relevant government documents and materials, as well as information on the economic and trade investment and tourism culture of the Kingdom of Cambodia.






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